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Architecture as product

We offer a wide range of design and project management services in the areas of residential and small commercial architecture.


  • On site surveys and photographic documentation
  • Existing measured drawings
  • Historical research
  • Current needs evaluation
  • Preparatory co-design meetings



  • Options testing
  • Massing models and sun studies
  • Preliminary drawings
  • Permit documents
  • Tender documents
  • Construction documents
  • Coordination with the city
  • Coordination with engineers and other design professionals
  • Base estimations
  • Material research
  • Co-design workshops



  • Tendering and contract management
  • Comparative analysis of bids
  • Partial surveillance of construction site
  • Regular reports following construction site visits
  • Coordination with contractor
  • Coordination with other professionals
  • Mamangement of constractor’s requests for payment
  • List of deficiencies
  • Production of certificate of substantial performance
  • Production of certificate of completion


One-off expertise services

  • Functional needs assessment and recomendations
  • Feasibility studies
  • National building code and « up to standards » studies


Architecture as process

We offer a wide range of outreach-based services for exploratory and community architecture and urban design projects.

  • Participatory design workshops (all ages)
  • Architectural exploration workshops with school aged children
  • Programming and vision development
  • Consultation services in community-driven projects
  • Lectures and workshops with the general public

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